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Should we be Soaking Dry Dog Food in Water?

Dog Dog food soak in water Dry dog food

We feel disgusting about the look and smell of a dog kibble soaked in water, but our dogs see no problem at all with it. There are a few good reasons for adding water to dry dog food. Heres when you are supposed to.

Sometimes, we all have been told before feeding your dogs , you soak the dry food in warm water for 15 or 20 minutes. Why ? 

Well, this practice is pretty common and many dog owners are doing this for a few reasons. For older dog especially with a few dental extractions and does not chew his food as well as he used to. Dog grinds up much of the kibble he or she eats; unlike for some dogs, their teeth are not much for grinding. Mostly, some of the kibbles get crunched and are more likely to get intact swallowed. Younger dog is prone to eating too quickly–just knocking down all of their food in less than a minute (unless you put it in a slow feeder or snuffle mat)–and it will put less strain on his digestive system if the food even gets slightly pre-moistened. in fact, dogs feel more full by feeding them soaked food. Dry foods are so nutrient-dense that they may not be close to filling their tummies with the volume of the amount of food that is calorically suitable for their weight. If their meal is full of water, satiety will definitely increase–that fullness feeling. When their food is soaked, they stop walking around the kitchen looking unsatisfied after their meals.

If you've ever soaked the food of your dog, when immersed in water, you're aware of how much dry dog food expands. Actually, it's a bit horrifying to realize how much more space a certain amount of food will need in the stomach of a dog and intestine once the digestive juices of the dog hydrate the individual kibbles. It is almost doubling in volume. The kibbles are like small sponges, some more than others. 

We have notice that especially for dogs that are reluctant or picky eaters, by adding water can definitely increase the palatability of dry food for increasing appetite.

Many people believe that feeding soaked food will help prevent bloat. I’m not sure there’s ever been a study that looked at just that, but it would make sense to me. If you keep your dog resting after meals at least a couple of hours in order to prevent bloating issues. 

TIPS : Feed Kibbles first and feed water after 45 mins 

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