Other Necessities

Organic beeswax  Relieve the discomfort and begin to repair the damage, moisturise and nourish the skin. Safe to lick and on skin The 100 % Natur...
Use on its own or in combination with traditional flea treatments where required. Ideal for dogs who react badly to conventional topical treatment...
Specially formulated for growing puppies Formulated with DHA & ARA Veterinarian recomended 100 tasty chew tabs Daily supplement Time release
Specially formulated for adult dogs Formulated with DHA 70 tabs Daily supplement For active and healthy dog Developed with veterinarians
Comprise a balanced mix of 12 vitamins and 6 essential micronutients Designed especially to meet the needs and capabilities of older dogs. Co...
Supports joint mobility With glucosamine and stabilized Vitamin C to support your dog's agility and active lifestyle. Glucosamine is a natural co...
Excel Brewer's Yeast contains omega-3 fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and coat. Reduces shedding and improves skin conditions. High in natur...
Provides the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals essential for senior dogs
Quick, simple, reliable at home general wellness test for dogs Detects the four most common conditions affecting dogs of all ages (high glucose, k...

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