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Our Commitment in Quality Products and Services

We totally understand how daunting it can be when it comes to online shopping, We are once a customer too and we whole-heartedly believe that customer is to be treated fairly thus you can relax and assure that what you see in our store is what you are going to get (or even better).

Pawpy Kisses are fully committed to provide high-quality pet products and services. We look through every single item before we sent it out to our customer.

However, in rare circumstances where you are not satisfied with our awesome products, the items are not as describe or the size does not fit your buddies, we are more than welcomed to have you contact us 24/7 and we promise you that we will work out the best solutions for you.

Why Shop with Us?

Our Greatest Goal is to make the world a better place for your dog or cat and we start our huge mission by giving two smiles at a time.
One on your face and one on your buddy's.

That's Our Commitment to you.

Pet Grooming

What grooming services is available?

We provide basic and full grooming for dog and cat at Pawpy Kisses. We also provide Spa Treatment that is very beneficial to your dog or cat skin & coat. For all pet grooming services please visit here or alternatively Whatsapp us at +65 9060 6501 to find out the services we are providing.

How much do you charge for your grooming services?

Due to various factor including dog size, the weight of the dog, etc., the charges will vary. Please Whatsapp us at +65 9060 6501 so we can provide you with more accurate information.

How do I book or schedule an appointment with you?

For Pawpy Kisses pet grooming service, we do not accept walk-in and all customers will have to book or schedule an appointment with us. Please Whatsapp us at +65 9060 6501 to book or schedule an appointment us.

Do Pawpy Kisses provide transport service for your grooming service?

Yes, we provide island-wide transport service to and fro at Pawpy Kisses. We do provide free transport service at the selected zone only. For areas that do not fall under the free transport zone, there will be charges for non-free transport zone.

Please take note, for Saturday there will be no transport service. For Sunday, there will be a charge of $10 on free transport zone area.

You may check the charges rate for various transport zone via here or you may Whatsapp us at +65 9060 6501 to find out more information.


How long does it take for my order to be confirmed?

We will receive an email notification for every order that we have received and it will be deemed as confirmed order. However, if you had opted to use Bank Deposits payment method, we will verify the payment and once we had done that, the order will be confirmed.

What if I had paid for my order however I was notified that the stock is currently unavailable?

We will inform you in regards to the item that is out of stock and refund the payment to you based on the item that was out of stock. Please take note that for Credit Card or Paypal payment method, the refunded payment will take a few days before you will receive the refund.

I'm facing difficulties ordering from your website, what can I do?

If you're facing trouble ordering from our website, we will try our very best to assist you to solve your issue. You may write in to us via contact or you can contact us via Call / Whatsapp +65 9060 6501.


How much is our delivery fee?

For local delivery, our delivery charges is $6 if the order is below $60.

How to get free shipping fee?

Free delivery service when the order amount spent is $60 or more.

How long will the delivery for your order takes?

It will take 1 to 3 working days for the order to be delivered to your premises. Usually, we will expedite for all orders to be delivered in the fastest time so all of our customers would able to receive the goods.

What if I do not reside in Singapore?

Pawpy Kisses is a Singapore online pet shop and we only do local delivery.

For overseas pet parents that would like to order, please visit our platform(s) such as our Qoo10, which they do provide overseas delivery at their own rate.

Please take note that we are not involved or responsible for Qoo10 delivery service as this is handled by Qoo10 delivery service provider - Qxpress. For any Qoo10 related delivery issue, you will have to contact Qoo10 directly.

*Exchange, return and refund policy only applies to Singapore order. We would recommend pet parents from overseas buy from their respective country pet supplies provider.

Payment Method

Available Payment Method at Pawpy Kisses Online Store

- Credit Card such as VISA and/or MASTER.
- Paypal.

- Bank Deposit.

Pawpy Kisses uses an encrypted website (HTTPS) which simply means that your data is nearly impossible for others to sniff. So, in short, yes, they are safe.

In terms of credit card payment (Master Card/ Visa), we are using the largest and probably the safest globally recognized online payment processors, PayPal. You can find more security information on PayPal security here.

Available Payment Method at Pawpy Kisses Retail Store

- Credit Card such as VISA and/or MASTER.
- Favepay.
- Cash payment.

Pawpy Points Reward Program

Pawpy Kisses Pawpy Points Reward Program

For every purchase, Pawpy Points will be awarded for every $1 spent and it is equivalent to 1 Pawpy Points. We have reward tiers for customers that have spent certain amount with multiplier point bonus of up to times 3 rate.

  1. Base Tier: 0 - 499 Pawpy Points.
    Every $1 spent, you will be awarded 1 Pawpy Points.
  2. High Flyer Tier: 500-1199 Pawpy Points.
    Every $1 spent, you will be awarded with 2 Pawpy Points.
  3. VIP Tier: 1200 & more Pawpy Points.
    Every $1 spent, you will be awarded with 3 Pawpy Points.

For redemption of discount code with our Pawpy Points:

  1. $2 Discount Off - 300 Pawpy Points.
  2. $3 Discount Off - 450 Pawpy Points.
  3. $5 Discount Off - 750 Pawpy Points.
  4. $10 Discount Off - 1300 Pawpy Points.

Our Pawpy Points Reward Program is designed in a way that you're able to redeem a "Discount Off" for almost every purchase when you reached our VIP tier through shopping from our website and using our pet grooming services.

T&C: Pawpy Kisses reserves the rights to amend the Pawpy Points Reward Program without any prior notice.

Repacking Policy

Dear valued customer,

Without prejudice, Pawpy Kisses does not recommend the repacking of pet food in view of Singapore’s Feeding Stuffs Act which prohibits the repacking of commercially-imported pet food due to:

  1. Loss of wholesomeness and freshness
  2. Risk of contamination.
    However, per the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) advisory notice dated 20 January 2012, repacking done for individual customers is allowed if its guidelines are followed.

In compliance with the aforesaid legislation and advisory notice, We have instituted its Repacking Policy as follows:

  1. Any warranty or guarantee on the quality or function of the pet food will be null and void for the repacked pet food.
  2. All repacked pet food is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  3. We will not be held responsible for any damage, refund, claim or liability whatsoever, including but not limited to illness or death arising out of or in connection with the repacked pet food.
  4. Please refer to the original packaging for the expiry date.
  5. Repacked date is only for your reference and can be found printed on each individual pack.

Please be informed that for any machine-repacked pet food:

  • Each pack is estimated to be of similar size/weight, except for the final pack which may not be the same due to the residual content.
  • Packs will be restored in original packaging as far as possible. In the event that space is constrained, repacked pet food will be stored in a separate packaging.
  • While cross-contamination is minimized as much as possible, this product is repacked in our facility where other brands of pet food are also handled.

Exchange, Return & Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at Pawpy Kisses Pet Supplies & Services Pte Ltd.

Pet parents are strongly advised to check the item(s) purchased at the time of delivery to avoid any possible dispute. All item(s) leaving for dispatch have been checked for quality and quantity accuracy.

The Return, Exchange and Refund Policy described below only apply to online purchases made through www.pawpykisses.com.

Exchange Policy

  2. All exchanges must be returned within 7 days of purchase in its original packaging and condition (unused and unsoiled).
  3. We will require the original tax invoice as proof of purchase from www.pawpykisses.com 
  4. Please note that the item(s) cannot be exchanged without the original tax invoice and we reserve the right not to accept the item(s).
  5. The item(s) will be inspected upon received.

Return Policy

  1. All returned item(s) must be in good condition and all original packaging (including original tax invoice) must be in place for full refund to be issued.
  2. Please return your purchase to the following address:238 Balestier Road #01-03 Singapore 329701.

Refund Policy

  1. No refund will be issued if the product shows signs of use.
  2. Our guarantee does not cover accidental damage or wear of product caused by customer.

More Information

  1. All items purchased online through www.pawpykisses.com are returnable & exchangeable except for opened and/or used products.
  2. Fresh frozen pet food are not exchangeable, returnable and refundable.
  3. If the item(s) is returned and/or exchanged, customer(s) is responsible for: return shipping amount – SGD$10 delivery charge/trip.
  4. All sale items (with vouchers, promo codes, promotion, and clearance) cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • We are always here to help. If you have questions, please email to info@pawpykisses.com or call our customer us at +65 9060 6501 (During Office Hours).

This return, exchange and refund policy was last updated on 5th March 2020.