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GROOMING TAB [Made In Japan] 12 Tabs - Grooming & Hygiene

GROOMING TAB [Made In Japan] 12 Tabs

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Patented & made in Japan.
Each packet contains 12 tablets.
Bath tablet for showering or soaking.

The Grooming Tab is the world’s first bath tablet specially created for pet use. Made and patented in Japan, this revolutionary tablet contains no surfactant, paraben, fragrances and colorants, making it ideal for pets with skin sensitivity and fur conditions. The Grooming Tab removes chlorine known to cause allergic reactions in pets. It is even capable of removing stubborn mineral waste from your pets, which up till its invention no other solvent can!


1.Deep cleanse and unclog pores even without soap or shampoo.
2.Removes odour with long-lasting effect.
3.Improve health and immunity with enhanced blood circulation.

How does Grooming Tab removes pet odour?
The cause of pet odour is a combination of stale fats sticking to minerals waste. These minerals and fats are trapped in your pet’s fur coat and paw pads as excretion. There has never been any chemical detergent or shampoo that effectively cleanses off mineral waste up until the invention of the Grooming Tab. The synergetic effect of bicarbonate ion, hydrogen ion and citric acid washes off sebum and mineral dirt without causing skin to be dry. The result is a voluminous and shiny fur coat which feels incredibly soft and silky!

Why does Grooming Tab works better than conventional pet shampoos?
Conventional pet shampoos can only get rid of grease and dirt. They do not remove old keratin and mineral waste in clogged pores. Grooming Tab cleanses off old keratin and dirt without removing the skin’s moisture. Grooming Tab can also remove residual chlorine in tap water, and is free from fragrance, paraben and colorants, making it is suitable for pet cats and dogs with skin sensitivity or skin problems.

The efficacy of the Grooming Tab is NOT in carbon dioxide!
Contrary to popular belief, there is little carbon dioxide involved in the effect of the Grooming Tab! Carbon dioxide is acidic (pH4 – 5), scatters into the air quickly and does not dissolve well in water. Generated carbon dioxide quickly turns into neural bicarbonate ion and hydrogen ion, which gets dissolved in water. This is why the Grooming Tab is not acidic and has a neutral pH. The dissolved bicarbonate ion stays in the water for 24 hours, ensuring a long-lasting effect.

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