Non-Fur London Cushion Cube House Pet Bed

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Non-Fur London Cushion Cube House Pet Bed Handcrafted by Pawpy Kisses

Our newly improvised cube handcrafted pet bed is unique turning into a "Day & Night" bed. Carefully constructed by hand, this model has a bigger entrance shape of a circle to allow more air circulation and complimented by the soft top grade materials, hand filled with a soft fiber cotton that removes 50% of body heat transferred by the dog body that provides an ultimate comfort for your furbies to snuggle for a good night rest.

All of our handcrafted pet beds are washing machine friendly

  • 100% Handcrafted
  • 100% Ultimate Comfort
  • 100% Durable
  • 100% Washing Machine Friendly

Dimensions: 57cm(W) x 57cm(L) x 57cm(H) up to 12kg

Pattern: London

Colour: White

One Size Only