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Cat Food & Treats

Find Cat Food in Singapore At Our Store

All cats need to have nutritious meals to grow up healthy and strong. If you are looking to buy cat food online in Singapore, Pawpy Kisses Singapore is here to serve you.

We boast an enormous collection of cat food at our online store in Singapore including canned cat food, dental treats, treats, freeze/dehydrated cat food and treats as well as dry cat food made from superior ingredients like salmon and beef that can entice even the pickiest and fussiest of felines.

With your pet’s health as our top priority, Pawpy Kisses retails only the best of the best to keep your feline well-nourished and healthy. Shop for cat food at our online store in Singapore today!

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy

Just like how human beings need food, nutrients and minerals to be healthy and strong, you cats need to be fed regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Then again, its important to be mindful about the types of foods and how you are feeding your cat.

For one, when feeding your cat, one has to be observant about how your cat reacts to the food as allergic reactions might cause your cat to develop skin issues and interfere with its digestive health.

Similarly, one must ensure not to overfeed one’s cat. While chubby cats might be adorable to look at and cuddle with, obesity can lead to various health issues like diabetes, arthritis and urinary tract disease.

Not sure which is the best cat food for your pet in Singapore? We might be able to help. Click here to contact us.

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