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Cat Oral Dental Care

Cat Oral Care Products Singapore

You need regular dental care (eg. brushing your teeth twice daily and visiting the dentist at least once a year) to get a healthier mouth. Why wouldn’t your pets? 

Dental hygiene is key for overall health in humans AND animals. Like humans, animals with healthy teeth have better breath and are at lower risks to various dental issues. With a proper dental care regime, your pet can enjoy a better quality of life.

If you own a cat and you are concerned about its dental health, perhaps it is time to start using oral care products so that your pets enjoy a happier and healthier life at your home in Singapore.

Want to buy cat oral care products? Pawpy Kisses Singapore has the supplies you have been looking for. Our range includes teeth gel, breath drops and more.

How to Care for Your Cat’s Teeth

There are various health risks associated with dental diseases. This includes smelly breath, tooth abscesses, plaque and infection, tooth loss as well as gum disease. Mitigating these risks, however, is about sticking to a strict dental regime.

  1. Clean your cat’s teeth daily: this is easier said than done especially if your cat has a bit of an attitude. Find a designated time and space when your cat feels comfortable. Try to keep the first session as short as possible but also try to be as thorough as you can. Go slowly and gently.
  2. Invest in dental treats: instead of regular treats, why not give your cat dental treats that are actually good for your feline’s dental health? Check out our collection here.
  3. Get professional treatment: visiting a professional can get rid of plaque and tartar that are hard to remove by pure brushing.

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