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Pawpy Points Reward Program

Loving a pet has never been so rewarding!

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Earn Points with Every Purchase

Unbeatable Savings with Pawpy Kisses

Get awarded with our Pawpy Points when you shop pet supplies or use our pet grooming services at Pawpy Kisses!

Accumulate the Pawpy Points and use it to redeem discount coupon of up to $10 OFF or coupon to get free food or treats.

Available via our online store and retail walk-in purchase.

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Level Up & Earn More!

When you hit certain Pawpy Points, you will be upgraded to High Flyer tier and followed by VIP tier.

Earn points at 3x rate when you reach our VIP tier!

What are the Rewards?

1. Discount Coupon

Redeem and claim the discount coupon with the Pawpy Points for your purchase at our online or retail store.

  • $2 OFF (Cost 300 points).
  • $3 OFF (Cost 450 points).
  • $5 OFF (Cost 750 points).
  • $10 OFF (Cost 1300 points).

2. Claim a Food or Treats

Redeem a coupon code and claim a free food or treats!

*Please note that you're required to add the relevant product and apply the coupon code at checkout.

How Do I Use Pawpy Points?

Check Your Pawpy Points

You can check your Pawpy Points that you have after logging in your account. Press the button below to access the Rewards Widget.

Please wait for a few second for widget to load.

Coupon Terms & Conditions

The redeemable rewards are subjected to terms & conditions. Please feel free to check with us before redeem the reward.

Product Review

Share with us and the other pet lovers of your opinion on the pet products that you like!

Earn your way to become our VIP Tier with 3 pawpy points awarded for every dollar spent and redeem up to $10 discount coupon(s) every month!

Simply follow the steps below!

  1. Enter a product page that you will like to review and share with other pet parents.
  2. Scroll to the bottom till the "Customer Reviews" section and write a review.
  3. Only two reviews will be awarded with Pawpy Points within 24 hours.

Submit two reviews daily and you would have enough Pawpy Points to redeem up to $10 discount coupon(s) every month!

Refer a friend and get rewards!

We hope you have enjoyed our services and why not also share with your friends about us!

What do you get?

Get 500 Pawpy Points which you could redeem a $5 coupon for your next purchase!

Instantly jump to our "High Flyer" tier and earn points at a x2 rate! (2 Pawpy Points per $1 spent).

What do your friend get?

$5 OFF Discount Code for future purchase.
We recommend that your friend to use our first time purchase $8 off discount code first.

Refer a friend Instructions

In order to refer a friend, you will need to sign in to your account.

Step 1: Sign in your account here.

Step 2: Click on the heart shape logo on the bottom left of the screen and click on the Check Pawpy Points, you will be re-directed to the homepage and a widget will pop out.

Step 3: Click the "Earn Tab", scroll down and click "Refer a friend", copy the link provided and send to your friend.

Step 4: The link will direct your friend to a page for him/her to register Name & Email Address.

Your friend will receive a $5 discount code, once he/she made an order with the $5 discount code and we had confirmed the payment, you will receive the 500 Pawpy Points.

Do remember to use the first $8 OFF discount code "PK8WELCOME" with $80 minimum purchase, as after the first order has been made, the discount code will become invalid.

Step 2

Pawpy kisses refer a friend step 2

Step 3

Pawpy kisses refer a friend step 3

Step 3.5

Pawpy kisses refer a friend step 3.5

Step 4

Pawpy kisses refer a friend step 4