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ACANA Cat Food

Acana Cat Food: Trusted by Experts in Singapore and Beyond

Did you know that Acana cat food is one of Canada's award-winning cat foods? They have the freshest ingredients that your fur baby in Singapore will surely love. ACANA’s manufacturer only uses ranch-raised meats, nest-laid eggs, wild-caught fish, and free-run poultry. For that reason, you can be confident that your fur baby will eat clean and safe food with top-quality ingredients. 

Based on research, cats and kittens are carnivores. They need to have a proper diet with a large portion of meat. For that reason, Acana's flavorful foods contain 75% meat and 25% vegetables. This proportion is sure to keep your cat strong, healthy, and at the same time, happy.

Where to Buy Acana Cat Food in Singapore?

If you are planning to buy Acana cat food, you have to visit Pawpy Kisses Singapore. We offer authentic Acana products that also come with affordable prices. What makes this product stand out among the others is that it is safe for cats with food allergies. It is a great option for them because Acana only use meat to provide the protein that your cat needs.

Moreover, it also comes with essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids for optimum feline health. One of the main advantages of choosing Acana food is its formulation. It does not use any additives and artificial flavors that do not contain nutrients.

Are Acana Products Easily Digestible?

When you choose Acana cat food, your cat will not experience too much carbohydrate intake since their products consist of low amount of carbohydrates. Additionally, you will also not find any questionably ingredients and by-products since Acana only use human-grade ingredients.

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Unlike other commercial cat foods, Acana use the freshest meat, eggs, and vegetables in producing their products. This way, your cat can easily digest and assimilate the protein of her food.

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