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ACANA Dog Food

Find ACANA Dog Food in Singapore

ACANA’s award-winning and biologically appropriate dog foods are made from fresh regional ingredients in their very own specialized kitchen. They aspire to represent a new standard in pet food and sought to nourish your pet with a diet rich in meat and protein that are sustainably ranched, fished or farmed by trustworthy sources.

Based in Singapore, Pawpy Kisses Singapore is proud to provide a huge range of ACANA’s dog food for adult, seniors and puppies. With stocks readily available for shoppers and pet owners in Singapore, Pawpy Kisses is your best bet for quality dog meals with nutritious ingredients.

With a reputation of trust which spans more than a quarter-century, ACANA uses only quality proteins and meat like Yorkshire pork, free-run duck and pacific pilchard among other ingredients.

Shop ACANA dog food at Pawpy Kisses to give your pet in Singapore the nutrients it needs to grow well.

Benefits of Shopping at Pawpy Kisses

What makes shopping at Pawpy Kisses enjoyable?

First of all – convenience. Our e-commerce store has a full range of pet products including dog food, treats, meal toppers as well as services like grooming and teeth cleaning. You can find everything you would ever need for your pet on our e-commerce website.

Secondly, we provide fast and efficient delivery services. Upon purchasing an item from our store, your order will take 1-3 working days to be delivered to your premises. We understand the anxiety when it comes to waiting for your orders, that’s why we do our best to deliver your purchases as soon as possible.

Questions? Please Feel Free to Reach Out to Us

Should you have any concerns about shopping at Pawpy Kisses, please feel free to reach out. Click here to leave us a message on our online inquiry form and our team will be in touch.