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Canned Dog Food

Canned Dog Food in Singapore

The nature of canned dog food is wet and savoury - stronger smell & flavour. But that's not all, Canned Dog Food is a great alternative for dogs that are fussy eater or for dogs in Singapore that have problems with chewing dry dog food. As not all dogs will regularly drink water, mixing canned dog food to the dry dog food can actually help to hydrate your dog and it could also make the meal even tastier!

Some of the best canned dog food brands at Pawpy Kisses Singapore such as Kakato, Absolute Holistic, Nurture Pro, Ziwi Peak, Stella & Chewy's and more has been enhanced with even better nutrition for your dogs.

4 Distinct Benefits of Canned Dog Food for Your Pet in Singapore

Did you know that canned dog food has more meat protein than dry food?

That’s not all. There are numerous benefits to incorporating a canned diet for your pet in Singapore. Read on to learn what they are:

  1. Softer to chew: if you have a senior dog who has difficulties chewing kibbles, incorporating canned dog food might help them enjoy their meals a little more. It could also aid their digestion.
  2. Fewer carbs: is your dog overweight? Reducing their carb intake might help them shed a few pounds.
  3. More moisture: canned dog food tends to have more moisture content that can keep your dog hydrated and full.
  4. Fewer preservatives: canned dog food is naturally preserved during the canning process. They can be stored longer.

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