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Dog Food & Treats

Paw-fect Dog Food for Your Furry Friend in Singapore

We all love our furry friends unconditionally. That’s why they deserve nothing but the best. But what is the one item that can make your dog really excited and obedient?

The obvious answer must be food! All dogs love to fill their tummies with delicious bites. Not only is food an essential for every living being but using treats as rewards motivate your pet to obey you and follow your instructions.

If you are looking for a platform to shop online in Singapore for dog food, Pawpy Kisses it is! We provide a full range of dog food. All you have to do is add your purchases to our online cart, pay, and we will have your orders delivered swiftly to your doorstep in Singapore.

Feeding Tips To Avoid Weight Gain

Nothing makes a dog happier than food. But when feeding them, you would want to be mindful about what and when you are feeding them in order to avoid weight gain.

Here are some tips from our online platform in Singapore.

  1. Break your treats into smaller pieces: most dogs will probably wolf down a treat – which could be bad for their digestion. But if you are teaching them commands, try to break your treats into smaller pieces to avoid overfeeding. They probably won’t know the difference! This would also help with their digestion.
  2. Choose your dog food in Singapore carefully: some dogs might be allergic to certain ingredients, so make sure you are aware of your pet’s skin type and health issues.
  3. Avoid relying too much on food as rewards: overfeeding might spoil your dog and make it a picky eater.

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