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Primal Cat Food

Primal Cat Food Treats in Singapore

Why do cat owners love Primal cat food treats? We all know that cat treats are perfect for teaching our fur babies to learn new tricks. These products serve as a reward and at the same time, snack. Our fur babies understand that they have to perform and behave well to have this delicious snack. Nowadays, there are tons of treats in the Singapore market with a variety of ingredients. You can even see vegetarian options, too!  

Most cat owners also love to give their fur babies primal cat food treats since these products make their pets happy. Pawpy Kisses Singapore has the products. Shop now!

How Should You Use Treats during Training?

Plan your cat's mealtimes. You should provide a fixed mealtime so you can easily set time for her training and enjoy her treat. However, you should not give her too many treats since it may result in being overweight. If your cat has a sensitive stomach, feeding her too much will cause vomiting.

Use Primal cat food treats to help your cat get used to a new location. With this treat, your cat will quickly become comfortable, happy, and relaxed with any new place in Singapore.

Primal’s Natural and High-quality Ingredients

Surprising your cat with this delicious treat from Pawpy Kisses will create a unique bonding between both of you. Primal treats contain natural and high-quality ingredients with a bunch of proteins. According to several cat owners, this is a healthier choice for all pets. Additionally, Primal products also work great for cats with food allergies. Their products are produced with slow cooking techniques to ensure high-density nutrition.

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With Primal products, you are sure that your fur baby receives top-quality ingredients with the proper amount of nutrients.  Pawpy Kisses’ Primal cat food treats are rich in proteins that can make your cat's body strong and healthy. Contact us for more information about our products and services in Singapore.