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WOOF Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food

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Why WOOF freeze-dried raw dog food?

NOT ALL FREEZE-DRIED RAW DOG FOOD ARE MADE EQUAL - We believe most of the pet parents wants the best for your dogs and freeze-dried raw dog food is the most convenient way to let your have the benefits of raw nutrition. However, although freeze-dried raw dog food is the "Gold Standard" of dog food but this does not mean all freeze-dried raw dog food were made with the same quality. Yes, there are still many freeze-dried raw dog food brands out there that are supplemented with synthetic additives.

For freeze-dried raw dog food to have a long list of synthetic additives, it does not mean that its a bad dog food but this is an usual practice for dog food to boost the nutrients content. In conclusion, as responsible pet parents, learning to read the ingredient list is very important when choosing a dog food.

WOOF freeze-dried raw dog food has a clean and simple packaging but the most impressive part is that even the ingredient list looks clean and simple! There is no unnecessary synthetic additives added so your dog is benefiting from all the natural nutrition that comes from the highest quality of ingredients. It's not just the raw nutrition that your dog will benefit from it but the taste of the fresh raw food as well! It's just simply raw, natural and delicious.

Why feed my dog raw food?

Unlike highly processed dry dog food - kibbles, a raw dog food is minimally processed or simply 100% raw. Dry dog food is usually cooked at a very high temperature that cause most of the essential nutrients to be lost in the process hence the need of a long list of synthetic additives.

For raw dog food, as it is minimally processed or 100% raw, which is why all the essential nutrients were retained and your dog will get all the natural raw nutrition.