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Ziwi Peak Cat Food

Where to get Ziwi Peak in Singapore

Ziwi Peak products are getting popular among all pet owners in Singapore. If you are still not familiar with the product, we will discuss it for you. Ziwi Peak is a New Zealand-based company that became popular because of its air-dried raw foods. This manufacturer also produces high-quality canned foods with fresh and healthy ingredients.

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Why is Ziwi Peak popular?

Ziwi Peak is gaining its popularity in Singapore because of its air-dried products with fresh and natural flavours. Ziwi Peak products are "born of love, crafted with goodness."

Because of their raw and natural ingredients, the nutrients become more biologically valuable for your fur baby in Singapore. What's more interesting is that their products come with affordable prices despite their top quality.

What Products Does Ziwi Peak Offer?

Ziwi Peak offers two categories of cat products, including air-dried and moist. However, they do not use wheat, corn, or rice ingredients since all of their products came from meat. Additionally, they do not use any artificial additives and cheap fillers that contain harmful chemicals. Ziwi Peak products include 95& fresh meat, seafood, organs, and bone.

What is Air-Drying?

Air-drying of food is one of the natural methods of food preservation. During air-drying, the food's moist is gently decreasing without compromising the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. According to manufacturers, their recipe contains 92% authentic New-Zealand meat with 3% green-lipped mussels and 5% of essential botanicals, vitamins, and minerals.

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When you choose Ziwi Peak, you can be assured that your fur baby in Singapore receives the nutrients it needs. What's more interesting is that Ziwi Peak's products are also suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs and skin allergies. All of their ingredients are easily digestible, and it contains enough amount of fatty acids to keep your pet's fur and skin healthy.

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