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Tropiclean Fresh Breath Puppy Clean Teeth Gel 2oz

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Cleans teeth and freshens breath

No brushing required

Address plaque and tartar before it starts

Gentle puppy formula

Soothes gums

For puppies 16 weeks and up

Made in the USA

Periodontal disease is the number one disease among dogs, effecting nearly 80% by age three.

Developing good oral care habits at an early age is key to promoting complete pet wellness throughout the entire life of your dog.

Fresh Breath Puppy Clean Teeth Gel begins working immediately to address plaque and tartar before it starts - no toothbrush required.

A blend of gentle and safe ingredients promote a healthy oral environment.

The Fresh Breath Puppy Clean Teeth Gel has ingredients such as Mint to help freshen breath and it also has germicidal qualities to stop bacterial growth inside the mouth.

Green Tea leaf extract is also added to the gel formula as it contains a substance called polyphenols which reduce plaque formation and stop cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth.

Green Tea is also good for its anti-inflammatory properties towards gum diseases and soothing irritated gums.

This formula is gentle and soothing, good for puppies who are new to dental care and does not want teeth brushing. 

Purified Water, Glycerin, Natural Derived Alcohol, Honey, Natural Mint, Natural Cleanser, Carbopol, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Chlorophyllin. 

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