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The Grateful Pet Fresh Food

the grateful pet fresh frozen food online pet shop singapore pawpy kisses.
the grateful pet fresh frozen food online pet shop singapore pawpy kisses.

Give your best friend health and vitality with Ready Meals from The Grateful Pet in Singapore.

Your four-legged family member means the world to you, which is why each meal has been carefully crafted by a team of dog lovers through tireless research, refinement and taste tests using only whole foods.

Previously known as The Grateful Dog, now it's renamed to The Grateful Pet and they are offering more Fresh food options - cooked or raw. The Grateful Pet food are full of fresh, nutritious ingredients and moisture. Nothing synthetic ingredient is added. Just plain, honest food. Gently-cooked or raw food are blast frozen for maximum freshness and preparation is so simple too! Just thaw, tear open the pouch and feed.

At Pawpy Kisses, as pet parents ourselves, we believe that it is not the brand of dog food that makes it great. It should be the content of the food and the benefits it gives to your dog that makes it great.

Only 100% human-grade ingredients are used in each meal including high-quality lean minced meat, and minimally processed whole ingredients. The Grateful Pet’s range of fresh food are perfectly balanced with protein-rich whole muscle meat, fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy oils, herbs, and a whole-foods based organic supplement.

Commercial dog food is cooked at extremely high temperatures, resulting in a loss all the essential nutrients, and is later supplemented with the use of synthetics supplements. Synthetic supplements are NOT natural, as they are chemically made.

The Grateful Pet meals are always fresh - gently-cooked or raw, and never include synthetic vitamins, minerals and preservatives. Not only that, they are free of added salt, by-product, meat meals, corn and soy.

Our Dogs Tried The Grateful Pet For The First Time!

We have the first hand experience to see our dogs reaction to The Grateful Pet dog food and the conclusion is that they love it! Watch the video to see their reaction from smell and taste test.

Read our The Grateful Pet review and you can understand more about their newly supercharged recipes!

The FRESH Benefits

the grateful dog food

The Benefits of Feeding The Grateful Pet Fresh Food.

Have you ever wondered why the benefits of feeding fresh food always outweigh highly processed pet food such as dry food or canned food?

Firstly, not every brand of pet food in the market is made equally and we will never know the source of the ingredients where it comes from. Yes, the source of the ingredients is very important! The Grateful Pet uses human-grade ingredients that would also be supplied to the restaurant and hotel in Singapore.

Secondly, as mentioned previously, The Grateful Pet fresh food is gently cooked or raw which most of the natural nutrients that comes with the ingredients in the food are mostly retained. Hence, your pet will be consuming their food that is packed with natural nutrients and most importantly, the natural taste of the food that your pet love!

Thirdly, fresh food does not have years of shelf life, the reason being that there are no preservatives added to extend the shelf life for fresh food. The only way of preservation is flash-freezing for stable shelf life. Unlike highly processed pet food which has years of shelf life.

Lastly, The Grateful Pet uses quality ingredients that your dog's body will absorb which is why your pet's poop also becomes milder in odour, and slightly firmer.

There are still many other positive effects you could see from feeding fresh food and many great reviews about it.

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