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The Grateful Pet - Supercharged & Even Better!

Previously known as The Grateful Dog, it's now supercharged with more superfood ingredients and provides even better nutrition for our dogs.

The Grateful Pet now offers a wide range of AAFCO complete & balanced recipes that includes a gently cooked or raw frozen dog food range.

These new supercharged recipes are vet reviewed and uniquely formulated. Each recipe comes with a nutrient-packed combination of highly bioavailable, fresh and quality ingredients and superfoods, without artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals.

The Grateful Pet only uses 100% all-natural ingredients, no nasties and no mystery meat. They provide a complete & balanced nutrition diet for our dogs. So no other dog food is required to be added in the diet.

They also focus on including only high quality, functional Asian and Western health ingredients with benefits backed by scientific research for pets such as New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, Prebiotic Seaweed, Reishi Mushroom, Dandelion Root & Milk Thistle.

We gave our dogs to try The Grateful Pet dog food for the first time. They love it!

The Grateful Pet Review - Fresh Ingredients That We Know.

Fresh Ingredients That We Know

As pet parents ourselves, we have read their ingredient list and ensure that the ingredients found in the food are great for our dogs.

We found ourselves able to understand the ingredients listed in the recipe. So no hard-to-understand scientific named ingredients are found in the list.

The ingredients used in The Grateful Pet are human-grade that makes them highly digestible diets. A highly digestible diet means that our dog's body can effectively absorb the nutrients from the food and provide health benefits such as:

  • Improved dog's skin & coat,
  • Less poop and better stool conditions.

Supercharged With Superfood Ingredients

The Grateful Pet dog food is further boosted with premium superfood ingredients that contains multiple beneficial properties such as rich source of vitamins, minerals as well as other properties that improve a dog's health.

You can browse through each superfood ingredient benefits below:

The Grateful Pet Superfood - Prebiotic Seaweed.

Prebiotic Seaweed

  • Elkhorn sea moss (Kappaphycus alvarezii) species of red algae.
  • Fermented with active prebiotics.
  • Improve cardiovascular, liver and metabolic function.
  • Sustainable and ethically sourced ingredient.
The Grateful Pet Superfood - Reishi Mushroom.

Reishi Mushroom

  • Known as the mushroom of “immortality”.
  • Contains beta glucans, which are complex sugars that modulate the immune system
  • Ling-Zhi-8 protein boosts the immune system while reduces oxidative stress and the spreading of disease.
  • Triterpenes help to treat chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer by slowing down the growth of lymphomas, osteosarcomas, and meningiomas.
The Grateful Pet Superfood - Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle

  • A botanical ingredient that helps to prevent and treat liver damage.
  • Contains a flavonoid compound called silymarin that is both an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Stimulates the flow of bile from the gall bladder, it is beneficial for dogs with bowel disorders.
  • Dogs with diabetes, pancreatitis, and Cushing’s disease may also benefit from milk thistle in their diet.
The Grateful Pet Superfood - Dandelion Flower.


  • Rich source of vitamins A, C, K, D and B that is easily absorbed by your dog’s body.
  • Contains other important minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron, and manganese
  • Plenty of calcium (three times more than broccoli).
  • Medicinal properties that can treat conditions in the liver and kidneys.
  • Mild digestive and liver stimulant, milk thistle also improves digestion and the flushing of waste from the liver and kidneys through urine
The Grateful Pet Superfood - Green Lipped Mussels.

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

  • Naturally rich source of glycosaminoglycans (or GAGs). Found within GAGs is chondroitin sulfate, a compound which is commonly used to treat arthritic & joint pain in dogs.
  • High omega-3 fatty acid content.
  • Excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
The Grateful Pet Superfood - Turmeric - Activated Curcumin.

Activated Curcumin

  • Curcumin is the active compound found in turmeric, a rich source of plant polyphenols that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to manage and prevent anxiety, oxidative and inflammatory conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular, liver, bowel disease, gastrointestinal issues and arthritis.
The Grateful Pet Superfood - Turmeric - Spirulina.


  • This green superfood is a powerhouse of benefits derived from natural chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals such as beta-carotene, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium.
  • A type of blue-green microalgae that contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are fully plant derived
  • Provide immune support and prevent an overgrowth of bacterial and yeast.

Information of superfood ingredients sourced from The Grateful Pet - Our Ingredients website.

Convenient Fresh Frozen Dog Food - Simply Thaw and Serve!

The Grateful Pet comes with 7 recipes for the gently cooked range and 6 recipes for the raw range. The wide range of animal proteins is excellent for rotating the diet for our dogs on different days.

For example, on day 1, you can feed a Pork recipe and, on day 2, you can feed the duck recipe and repeat the process.

Both range of The Grateful Pet dog food can be served easily in two simple steps:

  1. Remove the necessary feeding pouch amount and place it in the chiller compartment the night before to thaw.
  2. Take the food out of the chiller after it's thawed and you can serve it on a food bowl immediately!

*In the case that you have forgotten to thaw the night before for The Grateful Pet dog food, you can faster thaw the food by submerging the unopened pouch in room temperature water until the food is soft.

Opened pouches can be kept in the chiller for up to 48 hours for the gently cooked range and 24 hours for the raw range. Do not refreeze the food after thawed.

You can learn more on the gently cooked or raw range below.

Frozen Gently Cooked Range

Made with 100% all-natural human grade ingredients and gently cooked at 80°C. It helps to retain more flavour, nutrients and vitamins compared to conventional cooking methods, while eliminating common pathogens.

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Frozen Raw Range

Made with 100% all-natural human grade ingredients and prepared according to strict hygiene standards for raw meats. As all ingredients are raw and not heat treated, dogs can benefit from the increased digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients in the food.

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Try Fresh Food from The Grateful Pet Today

The trend of feeding fresh frozen dog food is booming in Singapore and The Grateful Pet is one of the outstanding brands that you might not want to miss. They are also one of our local pet food brands and are made entirely in Singapore.

For raw feeders, they have 6 recipes that you can rotate around and for pet parents that are uncomfortable with a 100% raw diet, you can always go for their gently cooked range that consists of 7 recipes.

The Grateful Pet makes a difference in the community by donating a portion of each sale through The Grateful Give Back to Causes for Animals, an animal shelter in Singapore.

In general, The Grateful Pet offered a nutritionally complete & balanced dog food with a gently cooked or raw range that is minimally processed and uses fresh human-grade ingredients. One of the better quality dog food that you can consider!

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