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Non-Anesthetic Dental Dog Teeth Cleaning in Singapore

Just like humans, your dogs need to get their teeth checked and cleaned. However, you might struggle with cleaning your pet’s teeth with a normal toothbrush because grooming practices like teeth brushing and cutting nails are extremely unnatural and invasive for most animals. In this sense, it might be wiser to engage with an experienced professional to get your pet’s teeth in shipshape!

Then again, using general anesthetic has its risks. But at Pawpy Kisses Singapore, we provide a more affordable yet effective non-anesthetic dental treatment for your dog. Cleaning your pet’s teeth is a breeze because we have a team of hardworking and competent professionals in Singapore who can get the job done and ensure your pet’s mouth is healthy.

Our non-anesthetic dental dog teeth cleaning in Singapore leverages ultrasonic cleaning devices and gentle handling techniques to remove plaque on the teeth and other impurities in the gums. Find out more by reading on now.

Importance of Dental Health for Dogs

How would you feel if you don’t brush your teeth? You would probably have to deal with bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth as well as lots of plaque.

Your pet would probably feel the same way.

Good dental care can help prevent tooth loss, bad breath, organ damage, and oral pain.

However, it is prudent to bring your pet to a professional. Simply because professionals would have the necessary tools to remove stubborn plaque from your dog’s teeth and gums.

This is where we come in. Our passionate team provides non-anesthetic dental dog teeth cleaning in Singapore to help your pet get a healthier mouth.

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