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Non-Anesthetic Dental Dog Teeth Cleaning Service

Similarly to humans, your dogs need to get their teeth checked and cleaned. However, you might struggle with cleaning your pet’s teeth with a regular toothbrush because grooming practices like teeth brushing and cutting nails are unnatural and invasive for most animals.

In this scenario, it might be wiser to engage with an experienced professional to get your pet’s teeth in shipshape!

Using general anaesthetic has its risks. But at Pawpy Kisses Singapore, we provide a more affordable yet effective Non-Anaesthetic Dental Treatment for your dog. Cleaning your pet’s teeth is a breeze because we have a team of hardworking and competent professionals in Singapore who can get the job done and ensure your pet’s mouth is healthy.

Using the Ultrasonic Cleaning Device and top of line Japan made Almaz Alma Dental Starter Kit, our pet techs can effectively remove plaque on the teeth and other impurities in the gums while your dog remains alert & comfortable.

It is required to purchase the Almaz Alma Dental Starter Kit for the dental care service. After completion, we will return the kit and pet owners are advised to use it regularly to maintain simple oral hygiene. (We will advise you of steps and instructions.)

Before & after of the teeth after using our Non-Anesthetic Dental Dog Teeth Cleaning Service.

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Almaz Alma Dental Starter Kit

The Almaz Alma Dental Starter Kit is a bundle of products that include Alma Diamond and Alma Crystal that are highly effective in removing plaque & tartar on the teeth. It also provides a protective film on the teeth with daily maintenance.

Alma Diamond

The Alma Diamond is made of Alma Crystal and Natural Fossilized Coral Powder. Alma Crystal helps to loosen the tartar and Natural Fossilized Coral Powder gives the whitening effect that helps to mend the surface of the tooth.

The Alma Diamond provides nutritional benefits as it contains more than 70 types of marine minerals, including 16 types of all the essential minerals needed to survive.

Alma Crystal

The Alma Crystal has the characteristics of the Alma Water by special process comes in a handy finger spray bottle! The viscous Alma Crystal can be sprayed very easily, attached to each tooth surface, and the effect persists.

It uses the anti-bacterial properties in Alma Water which effectively kills harmful dental bacteria as fast as 15 seconds upon contact with the bacteria and thereby reduces the possibility of plaque and tartar forming. It also eliminates bad breath.

Thanks to the negative ions in Alma Crystal, it helps to loosen existing plaque and tartar over time. It can be used as a normal dental gel by spraying on a toothbrush. You may also spray onto the teeth directly.

Importance of Dental Health for Dogs

How would you feel if you don’t brush your teeth? You would probably have to deal with bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth as well as lots of plaque.

Your pet would probably feel the same way.

Good dental care can help prevent tooth loss, bad breath, organ damage, and oral pain.

However, it is prudent to bring your pet to a professional. Simply because professionals would have the necessary tools to remove stubborn plaque from your dog’s teeth and gums.

This is where we come in. Our passionate team provides Non-Anesthetic Dental Dog Teeth Cleaning in Singapore to help your pet get a healthier mouth.

Safety First

At any time during the dental care session, your dog safety is our priority. Our team will stop the service at any point when your dog may feel uncomfortable, a change of behaviour that can put the dog and pet tech at risk.

In such cases, we will have to split the sessions but of course, this rarely happens.

Please kindly inform us if your dog has a histroy of biting aggression before the service as our priority is SAFETY. We will not carry on the service when we feel that the dog gets aggressive or defensive.

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