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underdog dog food review

Underdog Dog Food Review

With the growing trend of fresh cooked & raw frozen dog food in Singapore, numerous fresh dog food brands have emerged in the market and Underdog dog food is one of the many brands that stand out with their scientifically formulated fresh dog food recipes.

What is Underdog dog food?

Underdog dog food is a fresh frozen dog food that is made on the sunny island of Singapore with fresh whole ingredients and their dog food recipes are formulated in the USA to meet the AAFCO nutrient profile of a dog.

Every single recipe of Underdog dog food has gone through rigorous lab testing by canine nutrition experts in the USA to ensure that each meal provided to our dog is nutritionally complete & balanced.

Underdog has a motto of "Because Pets Are Family", they believe in providing the best dog food with using the highest quality fresh whole ingredients and minimal processing to create dog food that is nutritious and tasty for our pet's health to strive.

what is underdog dog food?

The Ingredients used in Underdog Dog Food

One of the many things that we love about Underdog dog food is the transparency of their ingredient list. If you look at the Underdog dog food ingredient list, they have stated the exact parts of the animal that they have used which you won't see it in most of the pet food ingredient list.

Every other ingredient than the meat that they have used, each has its purpose in providing certain nutrients.

Another fun fact of Underdog dog food, if you look closely on the ingredient list, you will find the different variations of the ingredient used for different animal recipes. This is because animals have different nutritional value, for example, lamb is higher in fat (%) and Kangaroo has a lower fat (%).

To ensure each recipe of Underdog dog food are nutritionally complete & balanced, ingredients were carefully selected and tested.

underdog dog food review ingredient list comparison.

Cod Liver Oil in Underdog Dog Food

The cod liver oil is used in every Underdog Dog Food recipes which are sourced from wild-caught Norwegian Arctic Cod.

It provides a natural source of Vitamin D as well as a higher concentration of omega 3s, EPA and DHA. They are all beneficial nutrients that help to support heart, brain, vision and joint health.

Cod liver oil also helps to reduce inflammation related to arthritis.

Patented Ganeden BC30 Probiotic in Underdog Dog Food

Underdog dog food uses a natural patented probiotic - Ganeden BC30 that helps to support healthy digestion.

Most of the probiotic would not be able to survive the journey to the digestive system, however, Probiotic Ganeden BC30 can survive in harsh conditions including manufacturing processes such as cook, boil, freeze and pressurize.

Hence, this ensures that your dog will get the full benefits of the probiotics.

Type of Underdog Dog Food

Unlike dry dog food kibbles or the dehydrated/freeze-dried raw dog food, Underdog cooked dog food belongs to the class of frozen dog food.

Underdog dog food consists of cooked and raw, most of their dog food are single-animal protein recipe except for the Underdog Cooked Pork & Salmon Fresh Frozen Dog Food and Underdog Raw Lamb & Salmon Fresh Frozen Dog Food.

Single-animal protein dog food is great for dogs with diet-sensitive, as they are easier to digest, and it is also easy for dog owners to perform an elimination diet for the sensitive test.

Typically, Underdog dog food has a shelf life of 1-year duration and it does not contain any preservatives.

Cooked Frozen Underdog Dog Food

Underdog cooked dog food is gently cooked with fresh whole ingredients and they were frozen to lock-in all the natural goodness. Similarly to home-cooked dog food, Underdog cooked dog food is minimally processed and does not contain unnecessary filler ingredients.

Underdog cooked dog food will save you a lot of trouble if you regularly cook for your dog, you simply just have to thaw, tear, and serve!

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Raw Frozen Underdog Dog Food

If you prefer a biologically appropriate raw dog food, Underdog dog food also includes the raw dog food range.

The Underdog raw dog food ingredients are also carefully selected to create a complete & balanced meal.

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3 Easy Steps Preparation

It does not take much effort to prepare Underdog dog food, and this is what we do!

  1. Step 1: Place the intended feeding amount or tray into the fridge a day before in the chiller compartment.
  2. Step 2: When it's mealtime, take the Underdog dog food tray out of the chiller.
  3. Step 3: Tear the lid and pour the Underdog dog food onto a dog bowl. (Recommend to use a stainless steel food grade dog bowl.)

If you had forgotten to thaw the day before, no worries, you can fill a bowl with hot water and rest the Underdog dog food tray on the surface of the water for a quick thaw.

You may open up a little opening of the lid, and use a fork to test if the Underdog dog food in the tray has been thawed. Ta-dah! It's pretty simple, right?

Underdog dog food tray.

Food Safety Packaging

Underdog uses 100% recycle-able aluminum tray to contain their dog food. For food safety reasons, every aluminum tray undergoes heat treatment to eliminate bacterias.

As for the reason why they don't use plastic material is that it might not be able to withstand the heat treatment.

It is pretty convenient to feed Underdog dog food directly from the tray if you don't have a dog bowl and you can save the effort of washing the dog bowl.


Underdog dog food is one of the fresh frozen dog food that you can consider to give as a main meal with the nutrition provided that is complete & balanced. We have also used it as a fresh food topper which you can add to the current dog food that you're feeding your dog. This also helps to improve the taste which makes the dog meal even more exciting.

In regards to the feeding portion, based on the feeding calculator provided by Underdog, it's not as much as you expected hence it's better to get a general feeding portion and do adjustment from there.

For example, a 10kg dog (maintain weight) will require about 250g of Underdog dog food which is equivalent to 1 and 2/3 of Underdog dog food tray. It also costs about $6.05 per day and amount to about $108.90 per month. (Calculation is based on feeding portion weight.)

Hence, if you're considering a less processed dog food with high-quality ingredients or if you're regularly providing home-cooked dog food to your dog, Underdog dog food is one of the option that you can choose.

Maltese eating underdog dog food