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Type of Dog Treats on our Online Pet Shop

Air-dried Dog Treats Dental Dog Treats Dog Dog Chews & Bones Dog Cookies & Biscuits Dog Treats Freeze-dried Raw Dog Treats Milk for Dogs Soft or Wet Dog Treats

Type of dog treats available at our online pet shop pets talk blog.

It can be tedious to choose the best dog treats that are suitable for your dog. Why? There are so many treats available in the market, and we do not know whether our dogs will like them.

We can start by understanding the type of dog treats available on our online pet shop, and it may help you narrow down the choices.

Dehydrated or air-dried dog treats.

1. Dehydrated or Air-Dried

Dehydrated or Air-Dried Dog Treats are one of the more value-saving and healthier choices. It is either oven-baked or air-dried, and it helps to minimise the loss of nutrients.

Try to choose a dog treat that uses lean meat as it is high in protein and lower in fat. Underdog Pork Air-dried Dog Treats uses Pork Loin - lean meat with lower fat content.

The most important thing to look out for is always the ingredient list. Simple, clean and easy to understand.

Freeze-dried dog treats.

2. Freeze-Dried

Freeze-Dried Dog Treats might be priced slightly higher or contain less weight per bag.

Even though freeze-drying is a time consuming and expensive process, it produced one of the best dog treats that are high in nutrition.

Freeze-dried Dog Treats are mostly meat-based like the Food For The Good Salmon Freeze-Dried Dog Treats that uses 100% Salmon. It is also high in protein and low in fat.

Dog's instinct to chew.

3. Dental Treats

Dental Dog Treats are extremely tough and durable!

It is made for long-lasting chew with hollow gaps and irregular shapes to scrape tartar on your dog teeth.

Dental Dog Treats come in various flavours or forms. Some even come with health support ingredients such as Happi Doggy Care Honey & Coconut Oil Skin & Coat Support Dental Dog Chew 4 Inch 25g.

Find out the 5 Reasons to Feed Dental Dog Treats and why they can benefit your dog dental health.

4. Chews & Bones

Chews & Bones Dog Treats are similar to Dental Dog Treats but less tough and durable.

There are different types of Chews & Bones Dog Treats and we recommend the natural meat-based type.

Belly Up Odour-Free Beef Braided Dog Chew 6” 1pc is a high-quality meat-based chew that provides protein-rich nutrition.

Chewing is an instinct for all dogs, and it also helps to improve their jaw strength. You might want to consider adding the Chews & Bones Dog Treats to your shopping list.

Cookies & Biscuits dog treats.

5. Cookies & Biscuits

We all like the smell of freshly baked cookies or biscuits. However, not all are suitable for our dogs.

There are Cookies & Biscuits Dog Treats available in the market and made with ingredients safe for consumption.

Cookies or biscuits can be high in carbohydrates, and we recommend giving them in moderation. There are also Cookies & Biscuits Dog Treats with meat ingredient(s) added - The Barkery Beef Bones Dog Biscuits.

Soft or wet dog treats.

6. Soft or Wet Treats

For dogs that are unable to chew well, the Soft or Wet Dog Treats will be suitable.

Soft Dog Treats like Wellness CORE Petite Treats Soft Mini Bites Turkey, Pomegranate & Ginger Dog Treats will require minimal chewing, and they will crumble easily with slight pressure applied.

For dogs unable to chew, you can consider the Absolute Holistic Wild Tuna & King Salmon Bisque Dog Treats. It comes in puree form and no chewing is required.

Milk for dog treats.

7. Milk for Dogs

It is a misconception that you can grab milk off the shelves and feed your dog. Most milk for human consumption contains Lactose, a sugar found in milk, and it is not suitable for adult dogs.

Puppies gradually lose the ability to break down Lactose as they grow.

Instead, go for Zeal Lactose-Free Pet Milk that is specifically formulated for puppies and adult dogs.

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