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Some of the Best Raw Dog Food Brands to Try in Singapore!

Big Dog Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food Frozen Raw Dog Food PetCubes Primal Raw Dog Food Stella & Chewy's Underdog

If you have been researching and ready to introduce a raw diet to your dog, there are quite a few raw dog food brands that your dog can try in Singapore.

Most of the raw dog food is available in the form of freeze-dried raw dog food or frozen raw dog food. They're both great, however, for frozen raw dog food you will have to take note of your freezer storage space!

Below are some of the best raw dog food brands that are safe and highly nutritious which most dog owners are buying.

1) Stella & Chewy's Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food

Whenever you see a range of attractive red packaging dog food, it's most likely Stella & Chewy's!

Of course, the main point it's not about the attractive packaging, but their highly nutritious raw dog food also known as Dinner Patties. With their recent addition of red meat formulas, now they have 10 flavours of freeze-dried raw dinner patties for selection.

A summary of Stella & Chewy's Freeze-dried Dinner Patties Raw Dog Food:

  • 90-95% of meat, organs, and bone.
  • Grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught proteins.
  • Pea-Free, Lentil-Free, and Potato-Free.
  • 100% organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Taurine added.
  • Fortified with added vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhanced with probiotics and antioxidants.
  • 100% complete and balanced dinner.
  • No grains; no gluten.
  • Made in the USA.

Stella & Chewy's is one of the most popular freeze-dried raw dog food in Singapore for it's convenient, safe and the minimal effort to prepare raw diet.

You may also introduce a raw diet to your dog's meal with Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixers Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food for the start or try the Stella's Solution Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food that provides raw nutrition with body health improvement such as heart, skin & coat, immune system etc. with the ingredients used in each unique formula.

Stella & Chewy's Dinner Patties Promotion

14oz: Buy 3 at $138 and 4th - 5th bag at just $46 each!

25oz: Buy 4 at $298.

Exotic Meat 14oz: Buy 3 at $188.

Mix & match is available for the bundle promotions above.

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2) Underdog Frozen Raw Dog Food

underdog raw dog food singapore

Underdog fresh dog food has been on the rise in recent months, with more pet parents come to know of this fresh food brand that is made in Singapore.

Other than their cooked range, they also have the raw dog food available with 4 flavours for selection.

Each of their recipes is made up of ingredients that are carefully selected and they're laboratory tested to ensure that the food provides complete & balanced nutrition.

Here's a summary of Underdog Frozen Raw Dog Food:

  • Up to 90% Fresh Meat Ingredients.
  • 10% Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Specify the parts of the meat used.
  • Cod Liver Oil provides a natural source of Vitamin D as well as a higher concentration of omega 3s, EPA, and DHA.
  • Patented Ganeden BC30 Probiotic that helps to support healthy digestion.
  • Recipe formulated in the USA under AAFCO recommended guidelines.
  • 100% complete and balanced meal.

If you like to learn more about the Underdog, you can read the Underdog Dog Food Review which there will be more in-depth information. They also have the Bone Broth and air-dried dog treats as one of 5 best dog treats in Singapore nominated by us!

Underdog Raw Dog Food Promotion

Get up to 600g (150g x 4) of Underdog cooked dog food with bundle buys.

Free flavors include Underdog cooked dog food Pork, Pork & Salmon, Lamb, Beef, Chicken or Duck.

*Promotion end has ended.

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3) PetCubes Frozen Raw Dog Food

PetCubes raw dog food in Singapore.

PetCubes is known to many pet parents for providing fresh dog food to the plate of (dog bowl) for our dogs since 2013.

Interestingly, the reason why that they're called PetCubes is their unique portioning of food into a tray of 4 cubes. This provides convenient feeding and easy for the pet parent to thaw the necessary feeding portion.

They have an excellent range of raw dog food with 7 flavours of single-protein formulas that are also suitable for diet-sensitive dogs.

A summary of PetCubes Frozen Raw Dog Food:

  • 70% of fresh meat ingredients.
  • 25% of organic vegetables or seasonal vegetables.
  • 5% of supplements and fruits.
  • Specify the parts of the meat used.
  • Meat proteins are sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Norway.
  • Organic vegetables are sourced from local hydroponic farms.
  • Ingredients are gently cooked at 80°C to preserve their natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Their raw dog food does not contain preservatives, fillers, additives, GMO ingredients, by-products, and grain.
  • 100% complete & balanced meal.

We have also compiled some PetCubes reviews by pet parents who had let their dog tried their fresh food.

PetCubes Promotion

Get a free Bone Broth by Bone Broth Dr with every 4 cases of PetCubes.

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4) Big Dog BARF Frozen Raw Dog Food

Big Dog raw dog food in Singapore.

Big Dog Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) has one of the widest selection of raw dog food that will make you spoilt for choice! It consists of 3 specialty ranges such as the Core range, Single Protein Allergy range, and the Scientific range.

Core range:

Raw dog food with a mixed protein blend of red and white meats.

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Single Protein Allergy range:

Raw dog food that uses low-allergen proteins that contain a single species of meat, bone, and offal.

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Scientific range:

Scientifically formulated raw dog food for dogs with skin conditions such as allergies or specific dietary support for joint health, liver health, kidney health, or weight loss.

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A summary of Big Dog BARF Raw Frozen Dog Food:

  • 80% of muscle meat and offal.
  • 10% crushed real bone.
  • 5% fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • 5% of other healthy ingredients.
  • 100% made in Australia.
  • Raw and unprocessed.
  • No artificial nasties or fillers.
  • Low carb and grain-free.
  • Premium meat proteins.
  • Human-grade ingredients.

Big Dog has been serving raw dog food in Singapore for a long time! They're packaged in a thick & juicy patty of 250g, and each box contains 12 of it with a total of 3kg.

Big Dog Promotion

10% OFF for all Big Dog Raw Frozen Dog Food.

5) Primal Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food

Primal freeze-dried raw dog food in Singapore.

Instagram: @domo_and_family

There are several reasons why Primal freeze-dried raw dog food is one of the top choices of pet parents.

Primal raw dog food provides a convenient solution to safe raw feeding with their freeze-dried nugget that comes in 8 different flavours for selection.

They use responsibly sourced quality ingredients such as USDA certified animal ingredients with no added hormones or antibiotics and many organic fruits and vegetables added in as well.

Read the ingredient list and you will know why!

Here's a summary of Primal Freeze-dried Raw Dog Food:

  • 77% to 87% of meat ingredients.
  • 13% to 23% of produce and supplements.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Responsibly sourced with clean ingredients.
  • Meats free of added hormones, steroids and antibiotics.
  • Organic produce.
  • No synthetic vitamins or supplements.
  • Species appropriate diets for dogs and cats.
  • Complete diets prepared in human food facilities.
  • Highest safety standards including test and hold process confirming absence of Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria with every batch.

Primal Raw Dog Food Promotions

14oz: Buy 2 at $88.

14oz: Buy 4 at $159.90.

Exotic Meat 14oz: 2 for $129.90.

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A New Journey with Raw Dog Food...

There are plenty of great reviews of the 5 mentioned raw dog food brands above and each of them provides well-balanced nutrition for your dog.

If your dog is new to a raw diet, we highly recommend starting off with food transition by introducing new food to your dog slowly over a few days.

Alternatively, you may consider freshly cooked dog food brands that are made in Singapore. It is similar to home-cooked dog food with complete and balanced nutrition for your dog.

At our online pet shop, we have an excellent range of freeze-dried raw dog food or frozen raw dog food. We have an $8 OFF shop voucher for first-time purchase on our online store. Apply "PK8WELCOME" at checkout with a minimum of $80 subtotal.

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