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Basic Dog Grooming

Basic Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Pet Grooming

Basic dog grooming is one of the important aspects of a happy and healthy dog. Dog owners are recommended to provide some daily basic dog grooming routine before the next appointment with your favorite pet grooming shop.

You're able to provide basic dog grooming at home with just a few simple sets of grooming tools & accessories which can be easily found in most of the pet shops in Singapore.

We will be talking about the common basic dog grooming services that you will find in most of the pet grooming salon here in Singapore.

Basic dog grooming nail trimming

What does basic dog grooming include?

Across the pet grooming salon in Singapore, most of them provide a similar basic dog grooming services (not in sequence) such as:

  • Shaving of paw pads.
  • Plunking of inner ear fur.
  • Shaving of anal fur.
  • Shaving of the underbelly.
  • Nails clipping and filing.
  • Clearing of anal glands.
  • Deep cleaning of ears.
  • Bubbly shower.

*Dog spa treatment can be an add-on service or included in the basic dog grooming depending on the pet grooming salon.

For basic dog grooming services, it does not include scissoring as this will fall under the Full Dog Grooming.

basic dog grooming photo of the day

Why basic dog grooming is required?

There are possible health issues that could arise and make your dog feel uncomfortable or even sick if they do not have regular basic grooming.

The most common issues that you will see are matted coat, skin irritation, ear infection or growing of nail quick which could cause discomfort when they're walking.

How often does your dog require basic grooming?

We would recommend sending your dog to a professional pet grooming salon at least once a month and provide some simple grooming for your dog before the next grooming appointment.

How much does basic dog grooming cost?

In Singapore, basic dog grooming cost is estimated from $35 to $50 for the small dog breeds. For the larger dog breeds, the cost could start from $90 or more.

Depending on the dog breed and size, the grooming cost may vary and it is better to check with the pet grooming salon beforehand.

Looking for a dog grooming shop?

There are dog grooming shop almost in every part of Singapore and the only way to tell if it's good is through the experience of other dog owners reviews or trying out with your dog.

If you're unsure of what services is available for dog grooming in Singapore, you could always WhatsApp us to learn more!

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